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My personally preference for stuff like this is just using Mac Ports and installing the versions I want via command line.

Mac Ports puts everything into a separate direction (under /opt I believe), so it doesn't override or directly interfere with the regular system.

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The tool basically automates all the steps outlined in the Update Manually section presented below and is the suggested method of converting an existing Xamarin. Again, once the warnings have been fixed, follow these steps to manually update Xamarin.If you're old enough to remember that debacle, you understand the comparison. Bear with me for a moment in this comparison, analogy, or whatever you want to call it.Apple is Coca Cola—the original recipe, Steve Jobs, quality, insane attention to detail, extreme quality control, innovation, design, excellence, and a true standard of the very best.Once the warnings have been fixed, select an existing Mac project in Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio and choose Migrate to Xamarin. For example: You'll need to agree to this warning before the automated migration will run (obviously you should ensure you have backups/source control before embarking on this adventure): There are two supported Target Framework types that can be selected when using the Unified API in a Xamarin.Mac application: For detailed information on Target Frameworks and the implications of selecting a specific target for your Xamarin.

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