Springfield rifle serial number dating

This rifle was arsenal reworked in 1942 with a new stock, new barrel and a parkerizing job.

I understand it is in the low range of serial numbers.

After the Spanish American War in 1898, and some experimentation with the Mauser rifle, the US military decided it needed a higher power rifle for the troops.

By the year 1900, the Springfield Armory has its first prototype of the 1903, but it had not been adopted by the military until 1903 due to politics and the use of a new standard issue rifle only 9 years prior (the Krag Jorgensen).

Due to the carbine’s lighter weight and shorter barrel, reduced-load cartridges containing 55 grains of blackpowder were issued for it.

Nonetheless, the carbine’s sights were optimistically calibrated to 800 yards.

Even after adoption of the M1, however, the ’03 remained the primary American service rifle until production of the Garand could meet the demand.

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During World War II additional manufacturers were added to the list of makers of the M1903, namely Remington and Smith-Corona (known for their typewriters).

Allin, master armorer at Springfield Armory, perfected a forward-hinged breechblock that swung open like a trapdoor, earning its everlasting nickname.

Commensurate with this was the development of the .45-70 Gov’t cartridge, a gun and ammunition combination literally made for each other.

Supposedly for use around bases, defense plants, etc.

The rifle could have been issued with that ammo for use in such a facility.

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