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Ive checked exes out from many many years ago, just a glance to see how they are doing. You have never looked back to an old flame to see what they are up to? How do you know he is viewing you directly on those 2 sites. But after a while as you become older you realize you need to move on with your life.

We had a mutual break up after a few months and remained close afterwards.Yours, Peter Dear Peter, Your problem is one of those that has stuck in my head, partly because it seems like such an impasse and partly because it is not the only letter I have had about the pains and dilemmas of rekindling a love from the past, especially when it threatens everything that has been built up since.So, if you are a reader who has written to me about the wisdom of reawakening past love, this response is for you, too.It's strange because it was a sour break up (on his part) and he was extremely rude and hateful towards me for no reason when he was the one who cheated etc etc etc.He said he chose to erase me from his life including asking people to delete me off fb etc (no big deal as I moved on) But if he's holding this grudge why in the world would he be stalking my things. So this guy is stalking you and you are stalking him. Usually when the lingering feelings are lopsided that may fall into the creepy/stalkerish domain.

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