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In the years immediately following its independence, Mozambique benefited from considerable assistance from some western countries, notably the Scandinavians.

The Soviet Union and its allies, however, became Mozambique's primary economic, military, and political supporters and its foreign policy reflected this linkage.

He found that the men were expected to shower their girlfriends with gifts and even cash, and that Westerners and Mozambican women viewed this exchange in sharply contrasting ways.

European expat observers tended to judge such relationships harshly, assuming that the men were exploiting the women (for sex).

In Macua culture, when a young man got to a certain age, his uncles would find a girl who came from a family with a good reputation and meet with her uncles to arrange a marriage.

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Dear Liza, I’m an expat NGO worker living in rural West Africa, and I’m struggling to navigate the dating scene appropriately.

The power asymmetry—stemming from my gender and comparative wealth—seems to create a gap between me and my would-be sweethearts too vast for any amount of privilege consciousness to traverse.

I am a young man , aged of 26 years old,165cm of hight, intellectual speaking Portuguese, English and French fluently.

Besides, I am a christian full of love for a human being like me.

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