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For more information about MTV's "The Challenge" online CLICK HERE Indian Lake High School Senior Rachael Kimmel got the honor of introducing professional snowboarder and Olympian, Louie Vito.He delivered a poignant message in their commencement address focusing not on his successes, but rather on his failures.All 16 pairs have returned for the finale and Whitney Houston performs. Kelley and Louis danced first and performed the Viennese Waltz.

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Grammy Award winner Norah Jones was tonight’s musical guest and she performed , which is the title track from her debut album.Vito talked about the changes he has made in his whole training regimen, his diet and how he is attacking his career.He shared with them one of his favorite saying from his father, "If you're good enough, they can't ignore you" and he challenged the graduates to consider how they will react when life doesn't go as they'd like and how they need to get up over and over and over again and learn from those experiences." The competitors of MTV's "The Challenge" are going to get their toughest test yet, going head-to-head against pro-athletes. Pros," 10 Challenge greats square off against 10 pros, including Candice Wiggins, Lolo Jones and Louie Vito. ET/PT and will be hosted by NFL wide receiver Victor Cruz.Police say the next day, Bustos showed up at Hilarie's home with three men.“I“It didn't feel like offering yourself on a plate to a collection of the world's ‘lonelies,’” says Natasha Bird, who lives in London.“It also allowed for the more casual type of connection without seeming totally sleazy.” Several people they told me they call it “playing Tinder,” and a few had even invented drinking games: Take one tequila shot for each bathroom-mirror selfie you come across, and two for each person you know IRL.My friend Kenesha has a large collection of screenshots of men posing with tigers.) If you haven’t sunk hours into meticulously creating a profile that you hope conveys the “real you,” then you aren’t as hurt when you’re rejected.

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