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A re-jailbreak every 7 days is still recommended as any bogus Cydia tweak can result in a reboot. If your jailbreak certificate expires, you will lose the jailbreak until you can access your PC/Mac. You must have deleted it and installed it again after 4 days. So if you deleted and reinstalled Yalu, 4 days after installing it, you will only have 3 days left. Install the tv OS configuration profile to disable OTA updates. In any terminal client, such as New Term or MTerminal, (or via ssh by running ssh [email protected], replacing the x’s with your IP address and the password as follows). Once logged in, run “passwd” and type in your new password twice. Try removing them one by one as one of them is the culprit here. There are several fixes you could try as there is no single solution to this problem. Here’s what you have to do now to restore the jailbreak…If this process is not successful in the very first try, perform it again. This does not work with every tweak but seems to be the best method at the moment. Re-jailbreak procedure is explained in detail in our jailbreak tutorial, so follow that. Battery drain occurs because you have installed too many tweaks. When you open Yalu, wait for a minute and hit “go” only once. You device is not bricked, it just needs to be jailbroken again. This is broken with this jailbreak so you must use a terminal app (or ssh) and type . Here’s how to solve this error on i OS 10 –The error will now be fixed. To fix Cydia error code 1, you need to reinstall Cydia via MTerminal. Now, if you press and hold the OK/Enter button for a few seconds, you will pull up the context menu.

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The first big step in making Kodi better at communicating with you, the user, is the addition of event logging.

After I’ve successfully jailbroken my i Phone, I ran into several issues.

After looking for help from the r/Jailbreak community, I’ve found some excellent solutions.

Your best best now is to wait for an i OS 10.2 jailbreak. If your i Phone/i Pad reboots and Cydia tweaks keep crashing, you will need to run mach_portal/yalu102 app again. Step 4 Fire up MTerminal and type the following command –A. Mach_portal is necessary to getting your device in jailbreak state. This tweak is known to cause issues as it conflicts with Activator. These tools erase your data while still keeping the firmware same. Here’s a simple solution – instead of simply clicking on the desired menu, click and drag to open it. Just download the latest upodate to fix this error. This happens due to Cydia trying to relaunch backboardd when tapping this. Purchases are not working as of yet but you can install tweaks you have purchased earlier. This could also occur while updating to the latest Cydia 1.1.28 final version. You must downgrade and then upgrade Cydia installer on your device to fix this error. Installing applist and preference Loader will solve this problem. I am getting the “Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock – open (13: Permission denied) E: Unable to lock the list directory”.

Follow this tutorial to properly SSH into your i OS 10 device. Yalu jailbreak will keep functioning even after 7 days as long as your device doesn’t reboot. Cydia is crashing and not working because you can’t get into jailbreak mode. Run mach portal application and the jailbreak process will be successful. You can use OSRestore X or Semi Restore 10 for restoring your device. If you get the same error while trying to install “Stashing for i OS 9.2 – 10.1.1”, remove a few tweaks, install it and then install the tweaks back again. This error has been fixed in the latest update of Cydia. Here’s how to fix this –This will reconfigure the broken Debian packages. Reinstalling the Cydia Installer is highly recommended. This error occurs mainly due to the “erase all content and settings” feature. Open MTerminal and type the following commands –This error will be fixed now.

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