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HOOKED also lets you create your own chat stories from your i Phone.Share stories from your life, funny texts or creepy crawly conversations from your worst nightmares.Our expert will answer as many questions as possible in the allocated time.Questions are answered in the order received, although it may take a while for your question to appear ‘live’ on-screen, depending on where it falls in the queue.She considers herself a very social person, but text communication has never been as intuitive to her as face-to-face interaction.Still, with so many other people in their twenties on dating apps, she figured she might as well give online dating a chance.Choose a prompt, create your character, and invite your friends to play along with you. We love reading, just like you, but we know it can get BORING when stories are too long.So we created this app to make reading snappy, spooky and fun.

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When you sign up for an Olark account, you'll be prompted to choose your default language.

Use any or all of the following Javascript API commands by inserting them into your existing Olark embed code where it says "custom configuration goes here ( If you would like to modify the text for the online chatbox: /* custom configuration goes here ( */ olark.configure("locale.welcome_title", "Chat with us"); olark.configure("locale.chatting_title", "Chat with us"); olark.configure("locale.welcome_message", "Have a question?

Friends, it seems that the Disqus decided to "charge" for use by placing these advertisements, and there is no option to pay for the use simply.

The idea was that if you sat down with a perfect stranger and exchanged these 36 questions, you would have shared enough intimate information with them to create a feeling of closeness in just one conversation.

The purpose of the study was to achieve an accelerated sense of intimacy between strangers in only 45 minutes.

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